Vernal Pool Band

Traditional Irish • Scottish • Appalachian • Vocals

Vernal Pool is a Celtic musical trio that performs traditional Irish, Scottish and Appalachian instrumentals

and folk, bluegrass and other forms of "rootsy" vocal music.  Vernal Pool’s mix of music can be considered as eclectic by some...

....but definitely enjoyable by most terms.  

The band starts out with a strong foundation in instrumental music that was commonly played as dance 

music, for simple enjoyment in a parlor type of setting or a night in a pub.  The instrumentals commonly 

consist of jigs, reels, waltzes, slow aires and marches.  Over time, and mostly due to their individual and 

group appreciation of “all things fun and musical”, they have added a ton of vocals to their set and some Cajun music, Scottish bagpipe music, 

Appalachian hoedowns and Bluegrass breakdowns to their regular mix of Celtic instrumentals.  The band

also has an extensive list of old world and “old favorite” Christmas music that is also available for

seasonal events, craft shows and private gatherings.


Ciro Lo Pinto – Ciro is a transplant to Tioga County via New York and New Jersey.  A career in agriculture brought Ciro permanently to Tioga County in 2003.  Ciro first met and “jammed with” his wife Anne and his bandmate Bruce in the same fateful May weekend in 1997 at the local Acorn Outing.  

Ciro brings a variety of instruments to Vernal Pool. Ciro comes primarily from a Bluegrass Music tradition; playing 5 string Banjo and flatpicking Guitar.  Ciro also can brings Cajun Button Accordion to some of the band’s “rootsier” vocal numbers.  Ciro also plays with the Penn-York Highlanders/Ladies from Hell Bagpipe and Drum Marching Band from Athens, Pennsylvania.  Ciro has brought the addition of Scottish Smallpipes to Vernal Pool’s repertoire of instrumentals.  The band jokingly reminds Ciro that between banjo, bagpipes and accordion he plays the three most polarizing instruments known to mankind.  Ciro contributes a variety of Lead and Harmony vocals to round out the band's set.   Ciro's Great Highland Bagpipes are available for weddings, funerals and small, mostly local border disputes.                                                        


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Anne Lo Pinto – Anne is a long-time resident of Tioga County.  In between her running an organic farm, cutting firewood, building her homestead, professional painting/paperhanging she somehow squeezed in the act of learning hundreds of traditional tunes on the Hammered Dulcimer.  

Anne’s “dancing hammers” are quite intriguing to watch and a joy to hear.  Anne also plays autoharp when participating in the band’s vocal numbers. Anne sings both lead and harmony vocals.  She can also be heard playing percussion on some of the band’s Bagpipe sets.  

Anne is a founding member of the former Backroads String Band, which morphed into the Blackbear Crossing Band. Vernal Pool has learned to keep Anne to ourselves, since she is the instrumental heart of our band (so we don't let her join other bands, that's my story and I'm sticking to it).               


Bruce Smith – A life time resident of Tioga County, Pennsylvania; Bruce’s family has been in the area for many generations.  Bruce’s combination of both lead and harmony vocals add a soulful texture to the band’s vocals.

Instrumentally, Bruce “brings up the bottom” when playing upright Bass for the band’s instrumental portion of the show.  Bruce also plays Guitar, Mandolin and Octave Mandolin…which were all hand built at his home woodworking shop.

Bruce is an accomplished luthier and sometimes handles acoustic instrument repair in his “spare time”. Bruce is a founding member of the Cherry Flats Ridge Pluckers and also supports the band Drowsie Maggie.                                   

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