Vernal Pool Band

Traditional Irish • Scottish • Appalachian • Vocals

ciro's gear


Martin CEO7

Reminiscent of models from the “Golden Era” of guitars.  The CEO7 has a sunburst finish on an Adirondack spruce top, mahogany back and sides, “00” sized body, with sloped shoulders.  A very big sound from a small bodied guitar.


Bellows blown Scottish Smallpipes made by Chris Pinchbeck of Hope, Maine.  The pipes are made of cocobolo, with moose antler and gold plating.  The pipes are complete with a full set of four different key chanters and extended range of drones.  The smallpipes are played in the same fashion as the larger Great Highland Pipes, but kinder and gentler to the ear.  Ciro is also on the Board of Directors of the Pipers’ Gathering , which is a whole world of alternate bagpipe types and styles. 

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Stelling Superstar 5 string Banjo – gold plated, Late 1970s.  There were probably only about 140 made, nicely figured maple.

CAJUN Accordion

I play a Cajun Accordion in the key of C.  Made by Paul Guidry, 91, who passed away peacefully on June 5, 2011 at 8:35 pm at his residence.  The accordion was also "worked on" by Ward Lormand" of the Cajun band FILE, while in apprenticeship with Mr. Guidry.  A resident of Carencro, LA.  Prior to his retirement, Mr. Guidry was employed by Celeron Oil and Gas Corp. as an Engineer and Land Surveyor for 25 years. He retired on March 1, 1985. He was a member of V.F.W. Post 9822 of Judice. He was a Justice of the Peace for Ward 8 of Lafayette Parish from 1980-1990. He also was an accordion builder of Creole Accordions, which he started in 1979.


anne's GEAR



14/15 Hammered Dulcimer, mahogany top, walnut sides.  Made by Lee Spears of North Carolina.  It took many hours, sitting in front of many dulcimers before she chose this maker.  I guess its like choosing a puppy, they choose you.  A very balanced sound, great bass response and lots of sustain.



Anne plays an Oscar Scmidtt autoharp that was retrofitted by its previous owner so that it can play in most keys.  The man tried to encourage the company to use his innovative idea, but they would never return his calls.  Anne uses the autoharp when singing with Vernal Pool.  The autoharp is kind of an automatic hammered dulcimer.  Kind of like comparing a manual typewriter to an old time printing press.

Bruce's GEAR



Figured maple back and sides with sitka spruce top. Modeled after the Martin

Dreadnought, hence the name Dread-Not.


Dread-Not Model MD23. Built by Bruce Smith.



Curly Maple back and sides with sitka spruce top. Modeled after the Gibson F5



Dread-Not Model F5. Built by Bruce Smith

Octave Mandolin

Octave Mandolin

Curly walnut back and sides with sitka spruce top. Built from plans provided

by Ron Markell


Dread-Not Model F5. Built by Bruce Smith


Upright Bass

Maple back and sides with spruce top. Contrary to popular belief, Bruce did 

not build this instrument.


Samuel Shen SB90

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